Rachel and Andrew





I meet Rachel and Andrew at the Iwo Jima/ Netherlands Carillon Park last Saturday for their engagement shoot.  Wow is that Iwo Jima statue HUGE!  It is a fitting tribute to all of the sacrifices that the Marines have made for this country.  Right near by is a structure donated by the Netherlands as a thank you for helping them in World War Two.  Every half hour bells ring out from the tower and there is an amazing flower garden built at the base.  Andrew and Rachel were great and made my job easy.  I will be shooting their wedding at the beginning of May and I am looking forward to it!

Wish Contest winners!

A couple of months ago my friend Laura Auer, wedding coordinator goddess, and owner of Wish Special Events, ran a contest on her blog.  The winner got an engagement session with me.  Marcie and Steve were the lucky couple, and we spent a few hours around Georgetown a few days ago.  I love shooting in this area and Marcie and Steve were up for anything.   We had a blast and got some great images.  It pays to read the Wish blog!





12 Feet in 12 days!


Christina and I just got back from skiing in Utah.  (Photo 1)  One of my oldest friends lives with his wife and two boys in Salt Lake City.  I have know Tiger (2) for over 35 years and we grew up skiing together.  The tricky part about going on a ski trip across the country is the weather.  Is there going to be snow?  What is the weather going to be?   There is always luck involved.  We got REAL LUCKY.  It snowed every day for almost two weeks before we got there.  They had 12 FEET in 12 days!   Our first day was spent at Snowbird skiing the fresh powder in sunshine.  (3) Incredible conditions!  This is a shot of little L (4) and myself (5) on our first run.  This is  a shot of some untracked powder (7).  Tigers boys (8) are amazing skiers.  Even though the snow was up to their chests in some spots they never complained and always had a great attitude.  T and L were a blast to ski with!  I cannot say enough about how deep the snow was.  In this shot Tiger and I were skiing in the trees (9).  Just look at the snow on the branches! (10)  Snowbird is a fantastic ski area, but it is also unique as one of the only places with a tunnel through the mountain that skiers can use.  In this shot (11), Tigers wife Lori and Christina are about to enter the tunnel.  The next shots (12, 13) show Christina in the tunnel.  Very cool.  In this shot Christina demonstrates just how much snow they have! (14)  The trip took an unexpected turn Sunday night as I slipped in the bathroom and cut my foot pretty bad (15).  Luckily, Lori is a trained Army medic and took real good care of me.  Thanks Lori!!  But Christina and I decided to play it safe and take a day off from skiing.  We went over to Park City (16 , 17, 18) to walk around and grab some lunch. (19)  The next day we awoke to more sunshine and rising temperatures.  A perfect spring skiing day.  We decided to head over to Solitude Ski Area. (20)  The only thing that made a 65 degree day with no clouds better is the lack of people.  We had the whole place to ourselves as this shot of the parking lot demonstrates (21).   Solitude  is a fantastic ski area with a wide variety of terrain.  Here we are passing through the gates to challenge ourselves. (22, 23 ,24)  Here Christina relaxes on Tiger and Lori’s deck after skiing (25).  For our last day we headed back to Snowbird and hopped on the tram after a great breakfast at the base lodge (26, 27, 28).  We had a very challenging day as most of it was spent skiing in whiteout conditions as another storm rolled in (29).  We had a fantastic vacation and cherished the fact that we could spend some quality time with some great friends.