Fairfax Virginia Wedding Photography – Mayo Wedding – Associate Photographers

Simona and Emily shot the wedding of Marge and Daniel at St. Leo the Great Church in Fairfax followed by a reception at the Officers Club at Fort Belvoir.     Nice job Ladies.

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Northern Virginia Wedding Photography – Hawkins Wedding

This is a continuation of my blog post last week……  I shot the wedding of Daniela and Chris at Poplar Springs Inn and Spa in Warrenton, VA.  If a couple does not mind breaking with tradition, I always advise that they do a “First Look” before the ceremony.  This can serve to fee up time on your wedding day.  Daniela and Chris used the back deck on the main dining room for their First Look.  Such a beautiful moment……

Special thanks to my team, Emily Ferry and Kefim Green.  This shot does not happen without you!

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Warrenton Virginia Wedding Photography – Hawkins Wedding

I shot the wedding of Daniela and Chris at Poplar Springs Inn and Spa in Warrenton, VA. This was a wedding for the ages.  Easily one of the most beautiful locations I visited this season, but also one of the sweetest couples I have ever shot.  My day started with the father of the bride telling me the story of how he and his daughter drove a 1932 Ford across the country.  It turns out that her grandfather built the car in the 50’s and it was featured in Hot Rodder Magazine.  They tracked the car down and brought it to the wedding for the newly married couple to drive off in.  Great stuff!  (Daniela and Chris opted for a “First Look” moment which was so moving that I am devoting next week’s blog post to it.)  The ceremony went well but as we were finishing up the Bridal Party photos the bride mentioned how she needed to sit down because she hit a wall.  It turned out to be food poisoning but the bride did her best to battle through the reception.  The night ended in a flurry as we squeezed in the first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, best man and maid of honor speeches and some crazy electronic music dancing.  As the evening ended I heard the bride say “that was the best 20 minutes of my life.”  Special thanks to Emily for a great job 2nd shooting!

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Middleburg Virginia Wedding Photography – Myers Wedding

I shot the wedding of Clare and Tom on her cousin’s farm in Upperville, VA.  The hosts, Amy and Matt, went out of their way to make the wedding special.  They added many touches like signs, hay bales, horses, a tent, and an old time bar.   A bluegrass band provided the perfect music to a wonderful day.  Tom’s kids enjoyed being a part of the celebration and I was able to shoot portraits of each of them.  Clare and Tom had a blast, as I did shooting it!

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